5 Tips To Style Your Throws Like A Pro

5 Tips To Style Your Throws Like A Pro

Throw kindness around like confetti - don’t you agree? Right now, the world needs much more kindness than it ever did. And as you know, just like charity, even kindness begins at home. 

That got a bit too heavy, didn’t it?

Well, coming back to the throws in our homes, it does add warmth and coziness (which, to be honest, is equivalent to kindness) to your home. It is one of the easiest ways to add a fresh look to any space and style in your home. And yes it is cost-effective too. So let's look at some tips to style your throws for couch.


1. The classic casual way

Let's start with what is probably the most ‘classic’ of all the looks. Pinch the throw blanket a little higher than halfway and give it a toss and you will get a casually draped throw over the seat of your sofa. This throw on sofa setting brings a relaxed feeling to any room. A reading nook must-have, besides books, is unquestionably a throw blanket. Play around with the edges of the blanket and create ripples in the top layer of the blanket to achieve the desired look.


2. For the Monica in you

Think you have a little bit of ‘Monica’ in you? If yes, this throw for couch styling tip is for you. For a more put-together look, fold your throw blanket in half a few times and drape it down the front of your sofa. A neatly folded throw is the perfect accent for a chair back too. 

For a more structured look, try this “orderly” approach! Fold the throw blanket in thirds lengthwise, then drape over the back of the couch so the bottom falls at the base of the cushion. This elegant and sophisticated aesthetic requires precision, so make sure your folds are even and that you tuck in the throw behind your couch cushion to keep it securely in place. For this look to stay clean and chic, don’t overcrowd your couch with too many cushions.


3. Over the arm of your couch

Fold or drape a throw blanket over the arm of the sofa. It won’t take up any extra room, and it’s an easy grab when you are ready to snuggle up with a cup of tea and a good book. You can fold any throw with fringes or tassels, so the front is shorter than the back. Then you can see all of the beautiful details! 

This is another styling throw on sofa option for the folded look, but less formal – you can make this style more casual by folding your throw lengthwise into thirds and then halve it in the other direction. Create an even more relaxed look by bunching up or sprawling out the throw a bit so that it’s a little uneven.


4. Back of the Sofa

If your sofa sits in the middle of the room, try draping your throw across its back- this creates a very interesting visual appeal that adds more warmth to your room. Just fold it in half and tuck one side behind the cushions, and your look is complete. Probably one of the easiest throw for couch styling hacks! 

This look is nice in an open home layout. It offers access to a throw blanket before entering the space. In this setting, mix and match works great! So don’t be afraid to use more than one throw blanket on your sofa for extra layers of texture and coziness.


5. The lazy throw look

Another classic throw on sofa look for your all lazy moments! Fold the throw blanket in half vertically, then throw it over the back of the couch at an angle and gently spread it out towards the bottom. Create ripples in the top layer of the blanket for a super casual look.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these simple ways to update a space and add coziness and warmth, all with a throw blanket! It is so simple yet so effective. So do give these a try and you will see instant plushness and homeliness in your space.

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