4 Cushion Cover Arrangements That Elevate Your Space

4 Cushion Cover Arrangements That Elevate Your Space

Since we are staying at home more nowadays than we ever have, it’s a good time to add some zing to your decor and uplift your homespace. And what a better way to do that than adding some cushions and making them look great together?

Cushions are to sofas what paints are to walls, or what lipstick is to your face. A quick and easy makeover that naturally adds a pop of color in all the right places. In fact, cushions create synergy magic when they work well together.

Though there is no rule per se in how to decorate the cushions of your sofa, there are ways you can try to make your seating setup look stunning, cozy, and warm. And that’s by mixing and matching amazing cushion covers. Let’s take a look:


1. Play with different textures and patterns

Your cushion covers shouldn't look like you got a good deal on some wholesale fabrics and cut it up to make some cushions out of it! The right colors and textures are very important when it comes to cushion cover designs.

Our eyes love interesting and different things. And texture is a big way to keep our senses interested, so what we see feels and looks attractive!

Just like all smooth and soft cushions would be boring, decorating with all embroidery cushion covers would be over-stimulating and can be perceived as busy! You have to strike the perfect balance. 

You can do that by using a mix of textures when it comes to your cushion covers. They will add beauty to your room instantly. The same applies to patterns too. Try to mix small-size motifs with large scales, maybe throw in a stripe and add some solids to pull the whole set up together.


2. Use a variety of sizes and shapes

Think of a pillow arrangement on a sofa as a vignette! They work together to tell a tale, to give off a certain decorative vibe. You must never forget to vary their shape and sizes while arranging them around your home. Having your cushions in the same size can look very formal and regimented. Combining cushion covers of different shapes and sizes creates a homely and comforting look.


3. Color usage

One of the quickest and least expensive ways to add color to your room is by using colorful cushion covers!

Color usage for cushions can be thought of as:

  • Carrying on the same color palette of the room
  • Add a pop of another great or seasonal color to bring a sense of newness to your space
  • Make a bold statement with vibrant shades and add a bit of tension to a room- almost like a point of interest, of excitement

Color plays such an important role in how we feel. So depending on the vibe you want to create, you can use any of the above three ways and do-over your room.


4. Arrangement in odd numbers

There is some magic in decorating with odd numbers. Our senses love things grouped in odd numbers. Our eyes scan a room at lightning speed looking for odd number groupings, instantly getting attracted to the arrangement they create. And we’re not even aware of it!

Decorating your printed (or otherwise) cushion covers as a trio is a classic and timeless arrangement.

One of the biggest decorating advantages pillows bring to a room is the ability to play around with it and change it without much effort.

Cushion covers can add a note of the season to any room! Even if a pillow doesn’t have a distinct seasonal or holiday pattern, by grouping cushion covers that have the colors associated with the season we perceive them as being seasonal.

So play around with cushion covers at your home and remember these little tips. I hope they make your cushion decoration easier and more fun!

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